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The importance of studying a foreign language in high school

   Language is the key of communication. Being able to speak another's language can prevent you from misunderstanding someone's meaning and build a relationships. Some people believe that at high school foreign language study should be compulsory and last for several years, because it can provide enough opportunities for student, so taking a foreign language should be required in high school because student can learn about other culture, help business in the future, and get many experiences.
            Firstly, student can learn about other culture. Language studies almost always have a cultural context which can increase our cultural competency. This makes taking a foreign language in high school even more useful because it imparts a global perspective, widening understanding of the greater world and get a view into the cultural behaviors of another language’s speakers.
            Secondly, study foreign language in high school can help business in the future. Language proficiency is especially beneficial to the students to face the world. Easy to get job is one of the dream every graduate. The ability to speak a foreign language can be very helpful in any job that deals with people particularly in international career. In the age of globalization and active which allows for free trade or international trade, knowledge of foreign language becomes more and more important.
           Finally, studying a foreign language can get many experiences. Not only teaches student new communication skills, but also provides an enriching learning a great experience. They no longer live in the little groups, but as a world community as like when we want to travel to other countries, it will be very useful having knowledge of that country’s language. Learning another language enables students to see the new world. Developing skills in understanding, appreciating and good experienes.
High school can be one of the very best times to learn a foreign language. If you want to proficient in foreign language and have a different experience ​​you should take a foreign language at your high school.

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